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Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship?

The digital world we live in today requires several skills and habits that kids do not necessarily pick up as they go. Digital citizenship is about teaching children habits that ensure that they remain empathetic in the intersection between technology and humanity. Educating students about digital citizenship is an effort to ensure that students engage respectfully online, use technology as a means to make the community better, and can determine the validity of online sources. 

What Greene County Schools (GCS) does each year to ensure students learn about digital citizenship.

Each year GCS provides students with lessons from Common Sense Media to help them gain the skills necessary to engage in appropriate online behaviors. The topics include but are not limited to privacy & security, cyberbullying, and news & media literacy. These lessons help to meet both E-Rate and Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements.
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K-8 Resources

Click here for the accompanying parent packet. Presentations in Spanish can be found by clicking the links below.

9-12 Resources

To see information slide shows for various topics using the links below. For more information please visit Common Sense Media.
Topic Informational Slideshow
Dealing with Digital Drama English Spanish
Friendships and Boundaries English Spanish
Who are You on Social Media English Spanish
Who You're Talking to Online English Spanish


  • Advice articles for parents on how to monitor and set up safety measures for technology use in both English and Spanish.