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Intent to Retire Deadline

If you are planning on retiring, please complete the forms below and return them to the proper payroll department (i.e. Certified, Classified ).  The payroll department will determine your eligibility for the bonus and will contact you to schedule an appointment to come in to complete further retirement paperwork.

Please complete and provide the documentation below

  • Intent to Retire Form
  • Retirement Bonus Form (Please use the proper form for Certified or Classified
  • Please provide a copy of your most recent TCRS Retirement Statement (you will need to access the following website and register to print off your retirement statement)

    For assistance with Member Self-Service, navigate to and access the Member Self-Service User Guide or demonstration video available under the Concord tab. You may also call 800-770-8277, option 8 with questions.

*If the deadline is not met, this does not mean that you cannot retire.  However, the system will not be able to pay out the bonus until the following school year.

Payroll Forms

Classified Payroll: Myra Darnell - Email 
Certified Payroll: Jodi Wright - Email
For sexual harassment or bullying complaints, please contact Dr. Bill Ripley at 423-639-4194 or by email.