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Board Members and Information

Rick Tipton
Rick Tipton, Board Chairman
7th District
(423) 552-8038
Stacey Franklin
Stacey Franklin
1st District
Text: 423-329-4281
Tom Cobble
Tom Cobble
2nd District
(423) 638-4738
Larry Bible
Larry Bible
3rd District
Minnie Banks
Minnie Banks
4th District
(423) 823-0314
Gary Compton
Gary L. Compton II
5th District
(423) 783-1400
Mark Rothe
Mark Rothe
6th District

Involving Stakeholders
 A stakeholder is a person, group, or organization that has an interest or concern in an organization. Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the organization's actions, objectives and policies.

As a Director who values input from stakeholders, Mr. McLain has created two committees that he meets with throughout the year. The first group, The Teacher Advisory Committee, is comprised of teachers from each of the Greene County School Campuses. This group provides feedback, innovative ideas, and other valuable input.  The second group, The Parent Advisory Committee, is made up of a group of parents from different schools. 
The third group of stakeholders, the Education Committee, is comprised of Greene County Commissioners. Mr. McLain meets with this group monthly. Feedback and ideas from all of these groups are valuable tools for Mr. McLain.
School Calendar
The regular school year consists of 200 days with a minimum of 180 student days, five days of in-service education for all certificated personnel; one day for parent-teacher conferences; ten days of paid vacation for all certified personnel; and four discretionary days.
School Board Operations
School Boards are instruments of the state, and members of the Board are state officers representing local citizens and the state in the management of the public schools. The Greene County School Board has a total of seven members, one from each of the county's seven districts. To qualify as a candidate, one must show proof of graduation from high school or G.E.D. diploma receipt. No member of the local legislative body nor any other local government official is eligible as a Board member.

Board members serve four-year terms and are elected by qualified voters at the August election. In the event of a vacancy, the unexpired term shall be filled by the local legislative body at its' next regular or special meeting.
Annual Operating Budget
The fiscal year shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of the following year. The Chairman of the Board and the Superintendent of Schools shall prepare the budget. The Board shall adopt a budget and submit it to the county commission for adoption by the third Monday in July.
Much of the above information is taken from the Greene County School Board Policy Manual and is intended only as an informational guide for parents, students, and interested individuals. Please contact any school board member, Superintendent of Schools, Principal, or Teacher, for more details on any of the above or other topics. The writer takes no responsibility for content and changes will be made as appropriate.