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CASE Benchmark Information

CASE Benchmark Testing



The following CASE/Mastery Connect benchmarks will be required:

    • 2nd - 5th ELA (Parts 1 & 2) and Math
    • 3rd-5th ELA (Parts 1 & 2), Math, and Science
    • 6th-8th ELA (Parts 1 & 2), Math, Social Studies and Science
    • 9th-12th English I and II (Parts 1 & 2), Algebra I and II, Geometry, Biology
 *ELA Writing Prompts, the order is as follows - Benchmark 1 - Narrative, Benchmark 2 - Informational, Benchmark 3 - Argumentative/Opinion



  • High School EOC teachers will use the middle of the semester benchmark to satisfy Greene County School Board Policy 4.600. Teachers are to use discretion but cannot give a score lower than the recommended score from Case (sent in PDF reports to Principals after the testing window closes). Use professional judgment to ensure the grading process is fair to students.
  • K-8 teachers may use the benchmark score for a grade as appropriate. Teachers cannot give a score lower than the recommended grade mark from CASE.


 **If a student submits a test before finishing the test, please contact the following: 

Jennifer Teague      Elementary Schools 
Leann Myers           Middle Schools
Shelly Smith             High Schools 


CASE Benchmark Testing Windows for 2023-2024

Grades 2-8 and Traditional Courses for High School EOCs
▪ Window #1 – 9/25-10/6/23
▪ Window #2 – 12/1-12/14/23
▪ Window #3 – 2/26-3/8/24


EOC Semester Only Courses

Fall Semester 2023

  • Semester only Alg. 1, 2, Bio, Geo: Midterm 9/25-10/6/23
  • Semester only Eng. 1 &2: Pre-test 8/8-8/18/23     Midterm 9/25-10/6/23

Spring Semester 2024

  • Semester only Alg. 1, 2, Bio, Geo: Midterm 2/26-3/8/24
  • Semester only Eng. 1 & 2: Pre-test 1/8-1/19/24     Midterm 2/26-3/8/24
Mastery Connect website
Tutorial on creating and linking trackers to canvas
Tutorial on how to create an elementary tracker in MasteryConnect
Linking trackers to canvas video
Student Experience in Canvas Video
Tutorial on how to administer MC assessments in Canvas
Tutorial on how to administer MC assessments in a web browser
Tutorial on how to set up read-aloud for IEP/504 students

Hello Teachers,

Comprehensive Educational Resources (CER) has created Common Formative Assessments (CFAs) this year. Teacher teams from 10 school districts worked together to create the CFAs. This great collaboration is an optional resource for you to use. All of the CFAs are now loaded in Mastery Connect. These are for use at the teacher's discretion. 

The CFAs are aligned to the CER Pacing Guides. You can find the CER Pacing Guides on the CER website by grade and content area: https://www.comprehensiveeducationalresources.org 

You can also find the CER pacing guides in Mastery Connect. They are called “Curriculum Maps” in Mastery Connect. Please follow the directions on the attached document called “Curriculum Map Quick Reference Guide.” 

The teams created CFAs for the following grades and content areas:

3 Math

3 Science

3 Social Studies


4 Math

4 Science

4 Social Studies


5 Math

5 Science

5 Social Studies


6 Math


6 Science

6 Social Studies

7 Math


7 Science

7 Social Studies

8 Math


8 Science

8 Social Studies

Algebra 1 (Semester and Year-long)

Algebra 2 (Semester and Year-long)

Geometry (Semester and Year-long)

Biology (Semester and Year-long)

English 1 (Semester and Year-long)

English 2 (Semester and Year-long)

US History (Semester and Year-long)


In general, there are 3 CFAs for each benchmark. However, some teams used their expertise to create more or less based on the demands of the standards. For ELA, the CFAs are aligned to the strands, since there is not a pacing guide for ELA.

Please follow the directions on the attached document called “CER Assessments Quick Reference Guide” to find the CFAs. We used a similar naming convention for each CFA. For example, G3MathB1Formative1, means: Grade 3, Math, Benchmark 1, Formative Assessment 1. If you have trouble finding the CFAs, try clearing your cache and cookies and ensure that you have selected the “All” tab in the Assessments view to change the Created By drop down.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You may also reach out to Mia Hyde, Director of CER, by email at [email protected].