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Family Resource Center

Welcome to the Family Resource Center (FRC)!
Our FRC is available to all students/families in the Greene County School District!  Our FRC works closely with school staff and community organizations to assess and meet the needs of students/families.  We focus on eliminating barriers to student success by providing direct services of basic needs.  In addition to direct services the FRC offers resource and referral to local agencies.  The FRC ensures students, families, schools, and communities are supported.   
Family Resource Centers were established in 1993, when the Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation granting local education agencies (LEAs) the authority to establish these centers.  The FRCs are directed by a full time director and guided by an advisory council composed of no less than fifty percent parents from the community served.  The goals of each center focus on solutions to the needs unique to the community served.  In addition to the goals, the FRC Advisory Council is responsible for adopting annual budgets and monitoring the effectiveness of the program.  Greene County Schools FRC is one of one hundred and three (103) centers across the state in seventy eight (78) school systems and sixty five (65) counties.  Each center works to establish collaborative partnerships with parents, community and business leaders, state and local service agencies, public and private organizations.  The FRCs shared unified mission is to assist families through information and training, and to help families learn to resolve problems through the collaborative efforts of many disciplines within the community (educational, medical, psychological, business, and social services).
Chuckey Elementary was one of four schools chosen to receive a grant for a FRC from the State of TN Department of Education during the 2004-05 school year. The Family Resource Center is funded by the State of TN Department of Education with a local match from the Greene County Board of Education and Greene County United Way.

Mental Health Support
During this difficult time, if you feel you or a loved one needs mental health or other essential support, please reach out for help.  If there is a true emergency, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.  
The Frontier Health Mobile Crisis Response Team can be reached at 1-877-928-9062 or
If you are in crisis and want to speak to someone immediately, please use the following resources:
Text HOME to 741741
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or
Home + School + Community = SUCCESS

Alisha Ricker, FRC Director/Homeless Liaison
Fill out the form below to request services. 
Contact 211 (Resources)     211 or 423-926-0144
Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation (affordable housing, education, financial counseling)    423-232-5097
Gifts for Kids     423-620-9666
Greene County Neighborhood Service Center     423-639-3681
Greene Technology Center (Job Training)     423-639-0171
Greeneville Adult Education     423-638-2512
Greeneville/Greene County Community Ministries Food Bank     423-638-1667
Greeneville/Greene County Health Dept.     423-798-1749
Opportunity House Homeless Shelter     423-638-4099
Net Trans (Transportation)     423-461-8233 or 800-528-7776
TN Domestic Violence Hotline     1-800-356-6767
University of TN Extension Office (Job Training)     423-798-1710
Health, Education, Development, and Support