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Since ACT is not usually taken by students under the age of 13,


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College Foundation of North Carolina1 Free SAT/ACT Test Preparation

The College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) is offering comprehensive FREE test prep courses for the SAT and ACT. CFNC Test Prep features easy-to-use tutorials, interactive practice sessions that dynamically adapt to each student’s ability level, and a vocabulary builder that contains 2,000 words. Whether students have a week or a year until the test, this section of the site helps reinforce their academic skills and build their confidence as they approach test day .

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Free practice exam site


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Ace the ACT - Study.comAce the ACT

Pass The ACT Test With Tailored Practice Tests,

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Accredited Online SchoolsAccredited Online Schools

ACT Prep for College-Bound Students - Navigating the Testing Process with Online Help and Expert Advice

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ACT AcademyACT Academy

ACT Academy™ is a free online learning tool and test practice program designed to help students get the best score possible on the ACT test, and well on their way to college and career success.

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ACT Practice Test QuestionsACT Practice Test Questions

On this page there are test questions on every subject. You can choose the subject that you would like to work on.

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ACT Prep on Tennessee Electronic LibraryAct Prep on Tennessee Electronic Library

Create a free account and access free online resources to help prepare you for the ACT and other tests.

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Analyze Ed

Intervention program and continuous improvement process aimed at leveling the playing field for all students. Doing well on the ACT® makes a college degree attainable and affordable. This is a paid program.

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College Panda ACT Prep BooksCollege Panda ACT Prep Books

This page is an advertisement for a book, but on the upper right-hand side you can sign up for the College Panda Newsletter. Exclusive tips and tricks, updates, college admissions advice, inspirational stories, and resources that go far beyond the useless College Board information packets. No spam, ever.


Brightstorm ACT ResourcesBrightstorm ACT Resources

Videos with transcripts for ADA compliance.

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College RaptorCollege Raptor

Check out how your ACT/SAT scores affect your acceptance odds


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Most students don’t get the guidance they need in high school. We’re leveling the playing field by offering expert college guidance — all in one free platform.

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Crack ActCrack Act

Prepare for the ACT test. Over 40 real ACT tests can be downloaded free of charge. Over 100 free ACT practice tests, ACT prep information and ACT skills.

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Free Mathematics TutorialsFree Mathematics Tutorials

Free ACT Math Test with Answer Key

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Take a free practice test, attend a sample class with one of our highest-rated teachers, or challenge yourself with an SAT® boot camp.

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Khan Academy Overview of the ACTKhan Academy Overview of the ACT

This is a video that outlines the process of getting ready for the ACT.

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Learning Express LibraryLearning Express Library

The Learning Express Library has four practice tests for each section of the ACT as well as ACT Preparation Courses and Guides. Students can create an account for free.

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We offer 7 full-length practice tests for both the SAT and ACT. Each section of the practice test is timed and scored just like the real test. When a section is completed, students can review their test and see detailed explanations of each problem. The practice test sections also include information about the test, test dates and tips, and test-taking strategies.

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The Master Key to ACT ScienceThe Master Key to ACT Science

A crystal-clear roadmap to achieving your top ACT science score







School Planning | Academic Tutoring | Test Preparation

A Multidisciplinary Educational Consulting Firm

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No Red InkNo Red Ink

NoRedInk builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data.

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Number 2Number 2

This fantastic site allows users to view tutorials, answer practice questions, create flashcards, and so much more in preparation for the ACT or SAT.

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Prep by Ivy GlobalPrep by Ivy Global

Delivered by the experts, designed to fit your study preferences and your budget.





PrepFactory PrepFactory

This awesome site offers a revolutionary and unique take on test prep. By implementing experience points (XP) and a level-up system, PrepFactory engages with students and makes the studying process not only rewarding but fun.



Preparing for the ACT (Spanish)Preparing for the ACT (Spanish)

Examen ACT de práctica completo, incluyendo el examen de redacción opcional • Información sobre los exámenes de redacción y opción múltiple • Estrategias para tomar el examen • Qué esperar el día del examen




Powerscore Free ACT HelpPowerscore Free ACT Help

On these pages you will find articles, free materials, advice and other information designed to increase your understanding of the ACT and the college admissions process.




Reason Prep Video ChannelReason Prep Video Channel

Free videos for test prep all on one channel.


Reason Prep

Free courses for ACT prep



Test Prep Review and ResourcesTest Prep Review and Resources

Getting into the right college can determine a lot about your life and career. Well prepared exam takers rely on an ACT Test Study Guide to help them get ready for the test, while others may prefer ACT Test Flashcards. Don’t let procrastination stand in the way of your success.




Test Prep Toolkit Free ACT Practice Tests (2019)Test Prep Toolkit Free ACT Practice Tests (2019)

The ACT practice tests will help you prepare for the actual ACT exam used for college admissions and scholarship applications. These practice tests will measures the knowledge and skills learned in high school. All practice tests are 100% free with no registration or sign-up required.

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Testing and Education Reference CenterTesting and Education Reference Center

Testing & Education Reference Center is a valuable online tool library patrons and students of all ages can use for standardized test preparation, researching and selecting college and graduate schools, finding tuition assistance, and exploring careers. Help students in your community turn future goals into realities with test prep assistance for career certification  exams, as well as, advice on resumes, cover letters, interviewing and networking, and so much more.

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The Critical Reader Free Study GuidesThe Critical Reader Free Study Guides

Our books* walk you step-by-step through all of the reading and grammar concepts you can expect to find on the actual exams, giving you the tools you need to obtain your highest possible scores.




Union Test PrepUnion Test Prep

We help you prepare for more than a test. We help you prepare for the rest of your life.™

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Varsity TutorsVarsity Tutors

FREE ACT Practice Tests. Test your knowledge, improve your scores and leverage our free testing system.

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Yes CollegeYes College

Years of standardized testing throughout elementary, middle, and high school lead up to the big moment when students take the SAT or ACT that influences which colleges will accept them and what their future higher education opportunities will look like. Studying for these two tests is important, to say the least, and there are many websites, apps, and other online resources dedicated to helping diligent students get ready for this academic rite of passage. We’ve gathered 100 excellent resources to help you prepare for these important tests.

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TN Department of Ed LogoTN.GOV ACT & SAT Testing

Tennessee Department of Education college readiness testing information.






Prep Scholars LogoACT Online Prep Guides and Tips

Prep Scholars online guides for the ACT and SAT.







TN Department of Ed LogoTN Department of Education Livebinders

This LiveBinder site is intended to be used as a guidebook for teachers and instructional leaders. Resources including practice tests listed by subject area and grade level are included.





Education Galaxy LogoEducation Galaxy

Online Learning Solutions provider of standards-based assessment and E-Learning programs. Education Galaxy provides highly effective and affordable tools to teachers and students.

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Lumos Learning LogoLumos Learning

FREE Tennessee TNReady practice tests and sample questions for Math and English Language Arts. Updated for 2019-2020 TNReady assessment practice. Includes standards-aligned tech-enhanced questions that mirror TNReady testing items.

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USA Test PrepUSA Test Prep

USATestprep provides state-aligned curriculum resources including ACT WorkKeys and EOC practice tests to support student achievement.USATestPrep is a test preparation tool designed to support teachers in the classroom by providing curriculum resources and personalized learning for K12 schools. With features such as district reporting with the paid version.

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