Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Every child can have an online art gallery and keep their masterpieces in a digital portfolio!

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Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk® SketchBook® is an intuitive painting and drawing application designed for people of all skill levels, who love to draw. With SketchBook, capture everything from your smallest doodles to your biggest ideas, all in one place, no matter where you are.

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Google Drawing

Google Drawings allows users to collaborate and work together in real-time to create flowcharts, flow charts, website wireframes, mind maps, concept maps, and other types of diagrams.

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Google Arts & Culture

The site is well-organized and easy to navigate. The search tool allows users to explore by museums' collections or themes and to filter by movement, artist, historical event, historical figure, medium, and more. In addition to basic searches, you can find the latest news related to museums, collections, and events as well as locate nearby places to visit in person (with media of their collections).

Grade: 6-12


Get Daily Art

An app that gives you a daily dose of art on your phone or tablet.



MetKids is a kid-friendly gateway to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. The site features three major sections: "Map" lets users explore an interactive cartoon map of the Met, clicking red dots to learn more about the artwork and yellow dots to learn about visitor spaces in the museum.

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Paint 3D

Whether you’re an artist or just want to try out some doodles–Paint 3D makes it easy to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life. Classic Paint has been reimagined, with an updated look and feel and a ton of new brushes and tools. And now, create in every dimension. Make 2D masterpieces or 3D models that you can play with from all angles.

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Smarthistory is an interactive digital textbook that offers students the opportunity to explore a virtual art "museum" with expert guides in the form of conversational videos about art. Kids worldwide have access to remote works with accompanying commentary, which discusses context, history, and other themes. The site syncs with Khan Academy to provide structure in the form of Energy Points and an online community for added learning incentives.

Grade: 8-12


Microsoft Designer

A new AI-powered graphic designer tool that helps you create stunning visuals in minutes. 

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