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Calm App

The Calm app can help prepare and assist teachers in introducing mindfulness to students, classrooms and schools.

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Regarded as a Fitbit™ for all things ‘School’, the fit2teach APP is empowering teachers and school-leaders around the world to improve their wellbeing and work-life balance; help reduce teacher-workload; and work together to help build a happier and healthier workplace and profession.

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Fizzy's Lunch Lab

The Lunch Lab is an encouraging mix of nutrition and exercise information, plus entertainment, that's fun and visually appealing.

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GoNoodle helps teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities. Desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day.

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Mind Yeti

Mind Yeti is an app that provides mindfulness instruction and meditative scripts for a variety of moods and needs. The app begins with a tutorial that introduces the concept of the Mind Yeti. Log in to save your favorite sessions and videos. Most videos are three to five minutes in length, and usually have an audio-only component.

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Monster Heart Medic

Kids meet a friendly monster, Ragnar, who is suffering from a cardiovascular problem. Kids help Ragnar by completing a series of diagnostic tests to figure out what is causing the problem. They use a map to move from various places like a fitness center and a hospital, while earning achievements and awards for collecting medical items and completing tasks.

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My Food - Nutrition for Kids

My Food – Nutrition for Kids is highly interactive and encourages kids to learn through exploration. Kids will be empowered as they gain knowledge of how to eat a well-balanced meal and why this is important. They'll learn about food, nutrition, and growing herbs in a garden.

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Pox: Save the People

POX: Save the People is a strategy-based board game app that puts students in the role of infectious disease specialists trying to contain an outbreak of a deadly disease. This app is based on a board game with the same name and intended for one to four players. Choose the number of players and difficulty level, then watch the step-by-step tutorial. Protect people by vaccinating the healthy game pieces (they turn blue when vaccinated) and curing the sick (red) ones. Players can also read a brief primer on vaccines, and the developer's website provides lesson plans for both middle and high school classrooms.

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Solve the Outbreak

There are 12 realistic outbreak scenarios to choose from, each with its own clever title. Once kids tap on a scenario, a box pops up that provides the following data: number sick, hospitalizations, deaths, and location. Kids tap the Start button to continue and are presented with a brief overview of the mission. Once they accept the mission, kids have to analyze the scenario using clues, data, and definitions of key vocabulary terms.

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Super Stretch Yoga

Super Stretch offers simple yet effective resiliency tips and tools to eliminate stress and anxiety. Flip the negative switch in the mind and plug into your super powers to live a healthy, happy life. Learn positive, skillful solutions to respond wisely and enJOY life’s ever-changing adventures.

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