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Pre-K Application Information

2023 Press Release:




Greene County Schools will begin accepting 2023-2024 Pre-K applications for 3 and 4-year-old children, beginning March 6, 2022.

Schools will accept applications throughout the end of the current school year and at the beginning of the next school year. During the summer months, parents may submit applications to the Greene County Schools Central Office at 910 W. Summer Street.

Children must be three or four years old on or before August 15, 2023, to qualify for Pre-K. Application for the Pre-K program does not guarantee admission, because enrollment in the Pre-K program is based on income.

Pre-K children from families above the qualifying income level will have the

opportunity for enrollment as slots become available at the beginning of the school year.



Greene County Schools is also in partnership with the Early Childhood Services of Holston United Methodist Home for Children.

This classroom offers childcare services before and after the regular school day. For more information on these classrooms, call the Children's Center at 638-5589.


To apply for Pre-K enrollment at Doak parents should visit or call the school and provide a copy of their child's birth certificate, and immunization/health record on the most recent form, which may be obtained from a doctor or the health department. Proof of income is also needed when enrolling a child in Pre-K, such as a W-2, tax return, or check stub. The phone number for Doak School is (423) 638-3197.


To apply for Pre-K enrollment at all remaining schools please contact the following numbers to set up a registration appointment or go by the school:


Chuckey — (423) 732-0031

Mosheim — (423) 963-0782 or (423) 677-8469

Camp Creek and Nolachuckey - (423) 292-4892

Baileyton  — (423) 863-8783

McDonald — (423) 963-0782

For additional information about Pre-K pre-registration, parents should call Greene County Schools at (423) 639-4194.