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ESSA & Safety

Each Greene County School has been deemed a “safe school” under the guidelines of our state and ESSA. However, should your child become the victim of a violent crime at any school in Greene County, you have the right to request a transfer to the nearest county school, pending their enrollment. The Tennessee State Board of Education Unsafe School Choice Policy states that the district may choose to facilitate a requested transfer to another school; however, such transfer shall not be required. Greene County Schools are making every effort to prevent any situation in which your child may not be safe. If you have any questions regarding safety policies or procedures, please contact the Greene County Schools Central Office at 423-639-4194.
State Department of Education
Victims of Violent Crimes

Parents of students who are victims of violent crimes within their school, may request their child be transferred to another school within the district. The system will respond with choices for the student's transfer.
It is the goal of the Greene County School System that no child will suffer any physical or emotional trauma. For more information on this transfer process contact the Central Office of the Greene County School System at (423) 639-4194.