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Academic Coaches

Amanda Carpenter


Sherry Ripley


Anna Ricker


Misty Mercer



Job Responsibilities

1.    Assists teachers in analysis and interpretation of test data to identify strengths and needs in both the instructional program and individual students

2.    Assists teachers in development and use of quality formative and summative assessments

3.    Leads efforts to vertically align curriculum, aligns curriculum standards with existing texts, align standards and rigor, and develop appropriate pacing of the curriculum

4.    Provide leadership in proven, effective instructional strategies through dialogue with teachers, book studies, lesson design protocols, model lessons, traditional professional learning opportunities, and action research

5.    Provides support for new and struggling teachers in areas of need such as classroom management, classroom procedures and transitions, and lesson development

6.    Leads collaboration and walk-through initiatives

7.    Assists teachers in identifying and securing resources necessary to develop rigorous, engaging lessons

8.    Attends training, professional learning, and other district meetings as assigned including data sessions provided by the State and summer training provided by the district

9.    Participates in redelivery of professional learning and publicizing and supporting district initiatives as assigned
10.  Participates in district efforts to develop a vision for the coaching initiative each year, including action steps and performance measures