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Greene County Schools Home School Information

Parents may home school their own children pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-6-3050 by registering with their local school district. Parents choosing this educational option must meet specified educational requirements, test the child, and report attendance to the local education agency at the end of the year.


You should know the legal aspects of home education in Tennessee: As a home educating parent, you have the ultimate responsibility for your child’s education and your own “school” in your home. It is our recommendation that you become familiar with the law in Tennessee concerning home education.


To home school in TN you must register your student in one of three ways:

  1. Register with Local Education Agency (please see Amber Moore: 423.638.1805) You must register by August 1, maintain attendance records, and instruct 4 hours per day for 180 days. The teaching parent must have a high school diploma or G.E.D., and students must be tested when public school students are tested in grades 5, 7 and 9.
  2. Register with a Church Related School/Non-Public School that offers services to home schoolers. You must meet the requirements of that particular school and have your child tested whenever they test their students. Please send the Official Enrollment letter to Amber Moore at fax # 423.798.2627.
  3. Have your student “attend” the church-related school as a private schooler.


What do I need to send in to get enrolled?  Choose your option: Independent or Accredited Program

  1.      Tennessee Notice of Intent to Home Schoolà A child must enroll EACH YEAR before the commencement of school year. Provide Attendance Twice per year—1st review on the first Monday of December and the final on the last day of the scheduled school year—you are to submit them to the coordinator either in person or via mail.
  2.       Proof of Enrollment from an accredited program or independent home school with a curriculum plan
  3.       Birth certificate, immunization record, social security card from all new students
  4.       Proof of teaching parent’s high school diploma/ GED
  5.       Parents are required to keep an Attendance Record of days you teach. An Attendance Form is available and online at

*If during the school year your address or phone changes, it is your responsibility to notify Amber Moore at 423.638.1805

Withdrawing During School Year:

If you decide to withdraw your student during the school year from public school, you must seek approval from the Home School Liaison (Please call Amber Moore: 423.638.1805)

Should home schooling be discontinued after enrollment, the Home School Liaison must be notified. Also if at any time during the school year home schooling is discontinued and the child is enrolled in another school, the Home School Liaison must be notified as soon as possible.