Google Translate Option to be Removed from Skyward


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Google Translate Option to be removed

Based on Google’s decision to shut down the Google Translator Toolkit on 12/04/19, Skyward will be removing all Google Translator options from within the software. We would like everyone to be aware that although the Google Translator Toolkit is being shut down, most web browsers have built in translators that can easily be used instead. Therefore, we are advising districts to begin shifting to a browser-based translator as soon as possible to help with this transition.

What does this mean to me?

Parents/Guardians and Students will no longer see the “Select Language” option inside of Family/Student Access (below) or New Student Online Enrollment to translate the application into other languages.

How could I notify my Parents/Guardians and Students of this change?

There are several ways that each of you communicate with your parents/students, but one suggestion is to send a Message Center message and/or email with information about Google’s announcement and include links/instructions on how to set up their browser to translate. For example, here are some instructions, including video tutorials, to change the language that Google Chrome uses and have Chrome translate the webpages for you:

Instructions on how to translate other web browsers can be found by doing a search within your browser.

When are the changes being made in Skyward?

These program changes will go out in the June Release Addendum 11 and October Release Addendum 3 updates, which will be released on 10/31/2019.

More information about Google’s decision can be found here:

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