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Immunization Policy
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Immunization Form

State law says children shall not be allowed to enter school without the proof of required immunizations.  New students entering Kindergarten or transferring into our system must present up-to-date immunization records before attending school.  Call your healthcare provider for a copy of your child's immunization record.

Pre-K Admission Requirements

 DPT or DTaP/DT/Td   4 or more doses
 Polio or OPV/IPV   3 doses of OPV or IPV
 HIB   3 or 4 doses (If HIB #1 is given after 15 months, requirement is met with one dose.)
 MMR   1 dose
 Varicella (Chickenpox)   1 dose or history of disease
 Hepatitis B or HBV   3 doses
 Hepatitis A   1 dose
 Pneumococcal (PCV)   1 dose if younger than 5 years old
 Physical Examination   Documentation signed by healthcare provider

Kindergarten Admission Requirements

 DPT or DTaP/DT/Td 4 or more doses (One dose must be given after the 4th birthday.)
 Polio or OPV/IPV 4 doses of OPV or IPV (Final dose must be given on or after the 4th birthday.)
 MMR 2 doses
 Hepatitis B or HBV 3 doses
 Hepatitis A 2 doses
 Varicella (Chickenpox) 2 doses or history of disease
 Physical Examination Documentation signed by healthcare provider. 

All 7th Graders (On Required TN Form)

Tdap Booster                        1 dose within past 5 years

For more information, visit the State of Tennessee Immunization Web Site.

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