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Folder 9-12 Sequence Charts (70 Files)
Sub Folder Social Studies (13 Files)
doc file GC Geography August
doc file GC Geography September
doc file GC Geography October
doc file GC Geography November
doc file GC Geography December
xls file NGHS Geography
pdf file GC Economics
pdf file GC Government
doc file GC History August
doc file GC History September
doc file GC History October
doc file GC History November
doc file GC History December
Sub Folder Technology Education (1 Files)
pdf file WGHS Foundations of Technology
Sub Folder Dual Enrollment (0 Files)
Sub Folder Agriculture (10 Files)
pdf file GC Landscaping
pdf file GC Wildlife
pdf file GC Greenhouse
pdf file GC Ag Engineering
pdf file GC Livestock
pdf file GC Ag Mechanics
pdf file GC Hydroponics1
pdf file GC Principles of Ag
pdf file GC Ag Power1
pdf file GC Advanced Ag
Sub Folder Art (0 Files)
Sub Folder Music (0 Files)
Sub Folder Business & Information Technology (1 Files)
pdf file GC Keyboarding
Sub Folder Career Education (0 Files)
Sub Folder Family & Consumer Science (5 Files)
pdf file Family and Consumer Science
pdf file CDHS Family Consumer Science
pdf file CDHS Food Nutrition
pdf file NGHS Fashion Merchandising
pdf file NGHS Life Connections
Sub Folder Language Arts (13 Files)
pdf file CDHS English I
pdf file GC English II
pdf file CDHS English III
pdf file CDHS English III Honors
pdf file CDHS English IV
pdf file CDHS English IV Honors
pdf file WGHS English I
pdf file WGHS English IV
pdf file NGHS English I
pdf file SGHS English I
pdf file SGHS English II
pdf file SGHS English III
pdf file SGHS English IV
Sub Folder Foreign Language (2 Files)
pdf file GC Spanish 1
pdf file GC Spanish 2
Sub Folder Mathematics (10 Files)
pdf file CDHS Algebra 1A
pdf file CDHS Algebra 1B
pdf file CDHS Pre-Cal
pdf file CDHS Honors Geometry
pdf file CDHS Prob and Stats
pdf file CDHS Algebra II
pdf file CDHS Calculus
pdf file WGHS Geometry
pdf file NGHS Algebra I
pdf file NGHS Algebra II
Sub Folder Marketing (2 Files)
pdf file GC Marketing I
pdf file GC Marketing II
Sub Folder Physical Education / Wellness (3 Files)
pdf file SGHS Driver Education
pdf file SGHS Weightlifting
pdf file SGHS Wellness
Sub Folder Science (10 Files)
pdf file GC Physical Science
pdf file NGHS Biology I
pdf file CDHS Anatomy
xls file CDHS Biology
pdf file WGHS Biology
pdf file NGHS R Biology
pdf file SGHS Biology
pdf file WGHS Anatomy & Physiology
pdf file SGHS Chemistry
pdf file WGHS Chemistry
Folder Annual Public Notice of Career and Educational Opportunities (1 Files)
pdf file Annual Public Notice of Career and Educational Opportunities
Folder CTE Teacher Forms (4 Files)
xls file 2013-14 Quality Indicators
doc file Core Indicators of Performance
doc file Perkins IV Quality Program Indicators
doc file Request of CTE Requisition
Folder Graduation (0 Files)
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