Reading Specialists


Building Level Reading Specialist

Job Responsibilities


Zan Weems and Deane Wright
  1. Participates in data committee to analyze school-wide TCAP data annually to determine individual and group strengths and weaknesses

  2. Uses objective data to assist teachers in determining reading instructional objectives

  3. Provides individualized, classroom based support to teachers and models best teaching practices

  4. Provides teacher training and follow up coaching sessions in the use of a variety of reading instructional techniques and appropriate use of technology and other media

  5. Works with teachers in collaboration planning by grade levels and across grade levels.

  6. Shares information about reading research and knowledge gained through professional literature or other training activities.

  7. Maintains records as required by the system school or program

  8. Attends training and staff development activities as required by the administration

  9. Plans and conducts professional learning activities in the area of reading

  10. Complies with all Federal, State and local rules and regulations

  11. Promotes parent involvement in school activities
Camp Creek Jamie Gibson
Chuckey Laura Humphreys
Doak  Amy Jones and Rebekah Taylor
McDonald Wendy Carpenter
Mosheim Rachael Ripley
Nolachuckey Suzanne Shults
CDMS/SGMS Jessica Wilhoit
WGMS/NGMS Sharonda Brown
SGHS Jack Leonard

Rena Lawson