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This page has been developed as a single reference location for all Greene County Schools users of the SSMS (Statewide Student Management System) that includes Skyward SIS from Skyward, Inc and EasyIEP from PCG (Public Consulting Group). This will also include information regarding the statewide reporting system referred to as EIS (Education Information System).

Need Help?

This site will supplement the current level of support provided by Patricia Barnett, Attendance Secretary and Cole Spears, Attendance and Student Data Supervisor. The procedure for support is to first call or email Patricia at (423) 639-4194 or barnett@gcstn.org and allow her the opportunity to assist you. If she is unable to to do so she will forward your request to Cole Spears or will ask you to contact him at (423) 798-2623 or spears@gcstn.org