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Folder 6th-8th Course Syllabi (12 Files)
doc file Eighth Grade ELA
doc file Eighth Grade Math
doc file Eighth Grade Science
doc file Eighth Grade Social Studies
doc file Seventh Grade ELA
doc file Seventh Grade Math
doc file Seventh Grade Science
doc file Seventh Grade Social Studies
doc file Sixth Grade ELA
doc file Sixth Grade Math
doc file Sixth Grade Science
doc file Sixth Grade Social Studies
Folder Balanced Instructional Wheels (4 Files)
doc file ELA Balanced Instructional Wheel
doc file Math Balanced Instructional Wheel
doc file Science Balanced Instructional Wheel
doc file Social Studies Balanced Instructional Wheel
Folder Enrichment Resources (16 Files)
doc file additional-resources-steam.docx
pdf file additional-support-for-steam.pdf
pdf file brainstorm-steam-standards.pdf
xls file Copy of ideas-for-unit-mapping-for-steam.xlsx
xls file Copy of lesson-plan-template-for-steam2.xlsx
doc file "Cloudy"
pdf file "Full Steam Ahead"
doc file "Make Way for Ducklings"
pdf file Civil War
doc file Enrichment Menu
doc file Enrichment Websites
pdf file New Steam Brainstorm
pdf file Overarching Questions
pdf file STEAM Description
doc file Steam Your Instruction
pdf file Stems for Paul
Folder RTI- Parent Communication (5 Files)
doc file HS Progress Monitoring Letter
doc file Initial Parent Report
doc file Parent Brochure
xls file Progress Monitoring Parent Documentation
doc file UPDATED Progress Monitoring Letter
Folder RTI2 Easy CBM (1 Files)
pdf file Easy CBM Norms
Folder RTI2 Team Forms (5 Files)
doc file Exclusionary Factors Worksheet
doc file Initial Team Data Management
pdf file Referral Decision Tree- Tier 3
doc file Request for Review
doc file RTI2 Meeting Team Agenda
Folder RTI2- Cheat Sheets (2 Files)
xls file Calendar of Weeks for Intervention 17-18
doc file Core Instruction Requirements
Folder RTI2- Data Calculation Tools for RTI2 (2 Files)
xls file ROI/GAP excel sheet
doc file ROI/GAP/GOAL - State form
Folder RTI2- Fidelity Monitoring Forms (5 Files)
doc file Fidelity Monitoring Map
doc file Fidelity Monitoring Report
doc file RTI2 Team Tier Fidelity Check
doc file Summary of Checks
doc file Tier 1 Fidelity Checklist
Folder RTI2- Organizing RTI2 Documents (5 Files)
xls file Check and Connect Form
xls file Optional RTI2 Meeting Checklist
doc file Organizing RTI2 documentation
doc file RTI Individual Folder Stickers
xls file Testing Checklist
Folder RTI2- Permanent Records (3 Files)
doc file Documentation for SPED Referrals
doc file Intervention Record for School Records
doc file Permanent Record Files for RS
Folder RTI2- SPED Documents- For information only (13 Files)
pdf file Basic Reading Checklist
doc file Fidelity Monitoring Map
doc file Fidelity Monitoring Report
doc file Fidelity Summary of Checks
doc file Gen Ed Teacher Input
pdf file Math Computation Checklist
pdf file Math Problem Solving Checklist
pdf file Reading Comprehension Checklist
pdf file Reading Fluency Checklist
doc file Request for Review
doc file SPED Referral Form
doc file SPED Student Intervention Plan
pdf file Written Expression Checklist
Folder RTI2- Student Documentation (4 Files)
doc file Intervention Recording Form and Attendance
doc file Literacy- Student Intervention Plan 17-18
doc file Math- Student Intervention Plan 17-18
doc file RTI2 Student Intervention Plan
Folder RTI2-Instructional Menus (4 Files)
doc file Diagnostic Tools
doc file Literacy Intervention Menu
doc file Math Intervention Menu
doc file Math Skills Progression
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