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     This year my world-class students are "GOING GLOBAL" as they explore the ways in which all countries are interconnected...maybe even interdependent. Their investigations will focus on the following units of study:
  • Weather forecasting will culminate with students participating in a hands-on extreme weather event requiring data analysis and critical thinking to save a town from flooding.
  • Access to clean water is an important issue around the world and here at home. Students will build a water purifier.
  • Local and global organizations (such as the United Nations) exist to identify areas of need, search for workable solutions, and educate communities for continued progress. We will participate in a mock United Nations Summit on access to clean water.
  • The global economy will cover financial budgets and include playing the stock market. I'm giving every student $10,000 to spend!
  • Speech writing will explore the elements of a good speech and provide an opportunity for students to write and give a speech on global dependence. Parents will be invited to hear these informational and inspiring speeches. 

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